The 23rd Psalm

sheep It is very important and very hard to memorize Psalm 23.

Perhaps you will think it is too hard, but if you make up your mind to do the memory work, you will gain a reward for your whole life.

When you are older, if you are in a difficult time, the words of this Psalm will come back to you, and you will feel God's presence.

You will be reminded that He is with you — FOREVER. What more could we hope for or want?

Click on the image to open the New King James Bible version of Psalm 23. Type, and memorize it. You can do it!

Sleep like a baby

baby sleeping

Everyone wants to "sleep like a baby." Sleeping like a baby means we get a good rest and are not troubled by any worries. We wake up feeling rested and peaceful.

Some people say they have to count sheep in order to fall asleep. Calling to mind Bible verses also helps.

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