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Who are the children in your Sunday School class or Youth Group? How much do they know about the Bible? Where should you begin to teach them? Here is a quiz that will help you know how advanced or unknowledgeable each one is.

lambsIf you find that some juniors know much more than others, you can decide how to make the best of the situation. If you offer take-home assignments such as memory work, with the promise of a candy bar (or other small prize) for those who perform well, everyone can participate no matter what their level of understanding.

Also, reading aloud in class followed by discussion does not favor the unprepared.

Click on the image to download the quiz for Juniors.

Attention Readers

Have you visited the Biotech Blog on this website? Find information and resources to help you think about biotech as a Christian.

During the summer of 2017, I explored the topic of kidney donation. Is it right for a society to permit that? To encourage it? What do you think? Read the Live Kidney Donation Series!

Should you sign your driver’s license to be an organ donor? Is cremation OK with God? Do these practices undermine the Christian doctrine of the Resurrection?

Learn more. The conscience cannot function without facts.

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