A stronghold overtaken - First in a series

Before Zion was the place to which we Christians march and the great city where we are born, it was an enemy fortress.

Her rulers felt so secure that they mocked King David and his advancing troops by "manning" her walls with the lame and blind. 2 Sam. 5:6-8

This is how Satan taunts God's children: You cannot reach this place! You cannot war on me! My little finger has more strength than your willpower and weapons. What? You would attack my stronghold? You may dream of success but you will never make one inch of progress, and if you try I will abase and ruin you by my stare, by my devices, by my perfect hatred of your ridiculous hope, by my Force.

Here begins a series of posts to contemplate how Zion became the city of God and the great symbol of the Christian's eternal residence.

Considering her iconic value to Christians and Jews, it was inevitable that an enemy fortress would once again be established there, also known as the Dome of the Rock.

Though the focus of this blog series is on Zion as a place in the heart, we will also contemplate the city of Jerusalem in history and current-day dilemmas.

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