Transgender drugs arrest brain development in teens and tweens, produce sterility

“Dr.The president of the American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Michelle Cretella, is speaking out on the dangers and politics of Transgender Ideology.

Click on the image to watch her interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Monday, July 24, 2017. Set the timeline on the video to 33:25.

In the video Dr. Cretella explains that doctors are encouraging parents to have their kids change genders though there is no evidence that such changes are safe or helpful. “Transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produced large-scale child abuse.”

On the American College of Pediatricians website she makes herself available for interviews, and in an article on The Daily Signal, she stated:

Just a few short years ago, not many could have imagined a high-profile showdown over transgender men and women’s access to single-sex bathrooms in North Carolina. But transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us —children— and with the apparent growing support of the professional medical community. As explained in my 2016 peer reviewed article, Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate, professionals who dare to question the unscientific party line of supporting gender transition therapy will find themselves maligned and out of a job.

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are used on children as young as nine years old. They arrest brain development and produce sterility.

Each link provided in this post leads to important information. There is scientific evidence that disproves the claims of those who insist that there is innate gender fluidity.

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